The why, the how, the what – From Michael Hannah

Hi all,

I wanted to take a bit of time out to say thank you as I’ve had an absolutely amazing and quite frankly unexpected response since announcing the news that I have joined forces with Steven Jagger at the recently created venture, Maxwell Bond! A massive thank you to everyone that has liked, commented or sent direct messages to wish me luck.

As with any move in the recruitment industry, there’s always a few surprised parties (be it candidates, clients or colleagues) that didn’t quite anticipate the move.
So now’s the time for some good, old English honesty. There have been a number of questions with the majority of them centred around two words… ‘why’ & ‘what’. Well, why & what are words I’ll be using a lot in my new role so let me start here (for disclosure purposes – I’m no blogger although I promise I’ll get better so hang in there with me on this one 🙂 Let’s go with the most frequently asked questions:

Why have you joined Maxwell Bond?
There’s a lot to get through to answer that question, so here goes!
• Having worked alongside Steven Jagger for a number of years, we’ve always shared very similar values. These values not only apply to the world of work but also ripple into our personal lives. For example if you know either me or Steven, you’ll no doubt of heard us both talking about “self-fulfilling prophecy”, “1% growth”, “learning zones” or one of my absolute favourites “control the controllables”!! Sharing the same values as a business leader is key for me. It’s something that drives me when I can share my passion for excellence with others looking for the same thing.
• Another reason I’ve picked Maxwell Bond is because of my perception of the recruitment industry in its current state. It’s frustrating to say, but unfortunately recruitment has moved into an era of quick wins, short-term relationships, KPI’s and the ever-scarce customer service. I’ve joined a business that is built around “making people matter”. An ethos like this will in effect help me feel like I can make a difference and challenge the status quo, shake up the industry you could say! I’ll be focused on developing, nurturing and growing relationships with professionals that are serious about applying positive change in their career – making a positive difference means a lot to me.
• Obviously a huge reason I’ve joined is to be part of something special. To be part of something new and help it grow into something I’m proud of. To work with someone I consider a mentor on a side-by-side basis whilst we build what we believe to be a “best in class” business, means I can look back on my career 10 years from now and know I took a leap of faith for the right reasons. Those reasons being centralised around integrity, honesty and generally just being a good person in an ever so “wolf-esque” industry.

Another of the questions that seemed to pop up a few times was this: What’s so different about Maxwell Bond?
Now this is the part I’ve had to make sure I get right, after all – I’m 50% of the business representation! Well, we are built on some core but key principles;
• Recruitment delivery coupled with excellent customer service – Despite my career at Maxwell Bond still in its early infancy and having a to do list as long as my arm on a daily basis, I’ve not let that stop me continue to deliver the high level of service I’ve always enjoyed with my contacts. Interestingly, I’ve already had my first recommendation of service after just 1 week
• Genuinely care about people – For anyone that has been a client, candidate, colleague, friend or family member of mine then they know I genuinely care about them as individuals – I’m a caring guy after all! Sometimes this may mean helping others with no promise of a return, but I believe in helping people by doing the right thing.
• Develop long-term, mutually beneficial relationships – I’ve always taken pride in building long term relationships with both clients & candidates (which regularly become one at times) and completely avoiding the ‘quick wins’ which seems so common in my industry. This has come from my belief of genuinely caring about people which is also represented by Maxwell Bond.
• Be the best at everything we do – What else?! We haven’t set out to be average, we have set our minimum standards towards excellence and want to live up to the high standards the brand represents. A quote I came across online encapsulates this really well for me:

“Be a yardstick of quality. Some people aren’t used to an environment where excellence is expected.” – Steve Jobs.

Hopefully this has answered a lot of the questions you’ve all be asking. I’ve joined somewhere that has made me feel like my career and development matters. My goal for the next part of my recruitment journey is to make a difference and build relationships with like-minded professionals who have the same aspirations about their development and progression. That could apply to candidates looking for a change, a client looking for help and support, or collaborating with people who look to make a difference in other people’s lives.

I’d love to hear from anyone who believes they can offer me any support or guidance as I settle into my new position and continue on my journey, the help as always would be extremely welcome.

Miracles don’t happen without a bit of hard-work and preparation 🙂

“When you are young, work to learn, not to earn” – Robert Kiyosaki

For anyone who has already asked for my details, thinking of asking for them or simply interested in what I’m all about and what Maxwell Bond can do for you, don’t hesitate to get in touch – 07802 847 396 or

Looking forward to hearing from you all!
Michael Hannah